Nov 11, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday- My Basement

I have been truly inspired by other "Tackle It Tuesday" projects, that I decided to work on something BIG this basement. In my younger years I think I used to be a pack rat (which of course I get from my mother). I started thinking, "Do I really need those blue dishes I haven't used in four years? What about all the shot glasses I used to collect?" The answer is definitely NO!!! I spent the morning purging many items. I wish I had taken pictures of my basement before, but I was too ambitious and started before the camera was out. I have a trash pile of three lawn and leaf size bags, 3 regular garbage bags and several other items ready to go to the dump this weekend. My motto is if I haven't used it in a year-toss it! I feel like I accomplished so much today.

All my candle stock is organized and easy to get to. My daughters now have the start of a play area when the snow comes.

I'm also going to bring in a see saw and slide for them to use (also keep them busy while I try to exercise.)

Part of my new exercise area; there is more room than this picture shows and I also have a punching bag and leg I just have to use them!

I'll keep you updates on how this all works out.
Thank you to all the other Tackle It Tuesday members who have inspired me!!! (My basement thanks you too!)

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  1. What a great tackle. It makes me want a basement!

  2. You don't have snow yet! We got a glorious snow fall. It just put a cover on the ground but it looks so pretty.

    That extra space is nice for little ones run around.

  3. Wow that's one good looking basement! I wish I had basement, garage or attic here.

  4. Your basement looks great! I need to tackle mine too.

  5. WOW! What a huge tackle! Great job!