Nov 3, 2008

My Amazing Halloween

This year I had an amazing Halloween. It started on Thursday when Shannon and I made Spider Cupcakes together for her snack at Preschool. She had such a great time baking and decorating them; she couldn't wait to show her teachers! On Halloween morning we got her dressed in her Alice in Wonderland costume we purchased online at the Disney Store. (She loves to shop online LOL and I wasn't going to the store again for an hour to look over more costumes. One trip to Target was enough!) We picked her friend up for preschool and I laughed the whole ride there listening to them sing in my car. We got to school and she showed off her costume and of course her CUPCAKES! I was one of the working moms for the day so I got to stay with her. We sang, danced in circle time and she got to be the weather person, which is her favorite job. We decorated our own paper jack-o-lanterns and played bingo. The best part was the special Halloween games they had for the kids. The moms were in charge of the donut eating game. The kids had to eat a small donut of a string, but with NO HANDS! It was so cute. Some of them were pros and ate it their first try and others took longer and their faces were covered in white powder. I was able to get pictures of all of them (which Shannon and I used to make a poster for her class we brought in today.)

When school was over we dropped her friend off at home and picked up Rebecca. We stayed for a while where I had the best cup of coffee and held the cutest newborn for almost two hours while I chatted with my good friend. The girls played and made a big mess, but fun was had by all! So much fun that they didn't want to leave.

After nap time, I got the girls ready in their costumes. Shannon decided she didn't want to wear her Alice in Wonderland, but instead her Jaguar costume from her dance recital last year. We put this costume on her and got Rebecca all dressed as Tinkerbell (her favorite dress up item she wears everyday), and headed outside for some photos. After some photos, Shannon decided she wanted to where something else. We tried on an Angel, Devil and FINALLY the Flower Girl! (Boy am I glad I ordered that costume online!)

We headed over a friends house for a pizza party. This is where Shannon changed once again...I never can keep clothes on her for long and we go through LOTS of laundry. Why should Halloween be any different? I did eventually get her back in her costume and we headed to another friends house to go trick or treating. We took some more photos of the kids and made our way to the tractor they made for the kids to ride while trick or treating. The girls loved the hayride and they even learned the "Trick or treat smell my feet" song!!! We spent about an hour going from house to house and they couldn't wait to see what they got next. I ran into many friends and it was nice seeing all the kids in their costumes. This was the neighborhood to be on Halloween night! Both side of the street were lined with cars and everyone knew everyone.

After trick or treating we headed back to the house and all the kids played for an hour. (More like ran around crazy from all the candy they ate!) We headed home and I put the girls right to bed. The best part was they slept in late the next morning! What more could a mom ask for?

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