Oct 14, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday- A Cooking Lesson

Today is know as Tackle it Tuesday as I learned from one of my favorite blogs 5 Minutes for Mom. This week I decided to teach my four year old daughter how to make my Grandmother's Spaghetti Sauce. For the most part she was able to make it herself and I just cut the veggies and opened the cans for her. She was so proud to make it all by herself. She couldn't wait for her Dad to come home so she could tell him. She even called her Grandmother to brag about her cooking skills LOL. I think I have a little chef on my hands! I am so proud of her and it brought back many memories of my Grandmother making this sauce. I used to joke with her and call it "Ragu" and believe me she didn't like that. My family has come to love this spagahetti sauce and now it is also my husband's favorite...and he is Italian! I feel like I had a very productive Tuesday and my daughter and I had a wonderful time cooking together. We also have enough sauce for about six more dinners (it freezes really well)!!!


  1. What a great tackle...building memories and self-confidence, and being productive all at the same time. My 3 year old is my little chef. Isn't it great watching their excitement when they "cook" all by themselves?