Oct 10, 2008

The Best Medicine...A Smile

I have been under the weather the last few days with a bad cold/sinus infection. I spent the day on the couch yesterday with a major sinus headache; not an easy thing to do with two girls playing around me all day. I felt guilty for making them stay in their playroom most of the day even though they were surrounded by toys and managed to trash the room. After a good night's sleep, I did wake up this morning feeling much better. I brought my oldest to school and headed to Dunkin Donuts with the little one. She ordered her favorite donut (and of course one for her sister after school) and I got a tea. As we were sitting in Dunkin Donuts I was people watching and sort of in a daze from the cold medicine. My little one just sat there and ate her donut with the biggest smile on her face. She looked at me with her precious smile and just kept saying mommy in her sweet little voice. She was looking at me with such love in her eyes and I knew it was the only medicine I needed. In fact it was the BEST MEDICINE!!!

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