Jan 8, 2009

An Amazing Book Written About Me?

I just finished reading Elise Chidley’s book, “You Roots Are Showing”. It was an amazing story, but I think she wrote this book about me! Isn’t it funny how that works sometimes? You see, I have had this book to read for a couple of months now. I meet Elise online a few months ago. I really wanted to attend one of her book readings, but the timing just didn’t work out. I finally picked up the book a few days ago, and I couldn’t put it down! I think the main character Lizzie could be my twin. The truth is many of the qualities and thoughts Lizzie has are just like my own. Without giving away too much of the story, Elise touched on some of the conflicts I often face as a mom and wife. I have been struggling these last few weeks during this very long winter break from preschool. I feel like I was meant to read this book NOW. It spoke to me in ways I don’t think would have touched me a few weeks ago. I want to thank Elise for her wonderful writing and the great character she created in Lizzie. One thing I would love to share from the book is actually called the “Send Off” at the end of the book. This just shows the brilliant writing and humor from Elise (I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing this).

Five Things to Expect When You Give Up “Work” to Be a Mum:

1. Don’t expect to read a book or chat on the phone or even have a lunch hour. Goofing off simply won’t be tolerated by your new boss. Your time, every minute of it, now belongs to somebody far more exacting than Donald Trump.

2. Don’t expect to become a better cook. The more time and energy you spend on preparing food, the more hostile will be its reception. Best to stick to scrambled eggs and macaroni.

3. Don’t expect to be able to follow current affairs en route to becoming a more stimulating dinner party guest. You won’t want children overhearing that there’s been a bomb blast in Irag, for one thing; for another, the politics of your PTA will seem far more gripping and relevant than anything going on nationally, never mind internationally.

4. Don’t expect to know what songs are playing on the radio. By the time you have leisure to listen to anything but the Wiggles, you’ll be saying things like, “This isn’t music; this is noise.”

5. Don’t expect to have the time to organize all your photos into albums. Yes, you’ll be taking so many pictures that you’ll barely have a moment to view them as a digital slide show, but no, you won’t be lingering over acid-free paper in the crafts store. You’ll be buying Play-Doh.

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